Vinyl Villains

Located on Elm Row at the top of Leith walk Vinyl Villains is now probably Edinburgh’s longest running independent record shop, having been open since 1983. They mostly sell pre-owned vinyl across a wide range […]


Iain Mellis – Cheesemonger

Back in 1993, when Iain Mellis opened his first shop, the quality and range of cheese that was generally available was pretty poor. Bright orange, rubbery cheddar, un-ripe Stilton and the dust that passed for […]


Cornelius Beer and Wine

Located at the top of Easter Road,Cornelius Beer and Wine is one of Scotland’s best beer independent beer, wine and spirit retailers, who have been at the top of their game since opening in 2004. […]


Lupe Pintos Deli

Do not be fooled by this unassuming storefront, as inside lies a veritable cornucopia of Mexican and American food and drink delights. Lupe Pintos first opened its doors in 1991, after the owners had spent […]