Cornelius Beer and Wine

Beertastic bottle shop

Located at the top of Easter Road,Cornelius Beer and Wine is one of Scotland’s best beer independent beer, wine and spirit retailers, who have been at the top of their game since opening in 2004. Yes, the name and the cool logo above were inspired by the Planet of The Apes movies.

Beer is king here and they have an extensive selection of around 300 Scottish beers in stock and over 300 more from around the globe.


Their motto is ’If we sell it, it’s because we drink it!’.

They have a smaller range of wines available, and while not the biggest, it is well thought out and sometimes quite off the wall. The staff are a friendly bunch and they all know their stuff so can advise on food matching or just point you towards something new and interesting.

Wine (and some gin)

Cornelius’s Website

Address: 18-20 Easter Road, EH7 5RG

Phone: +44 131 652 2405