Iain Mellis – Cheesemonger

Say 'Cheese'!

Back in 1993, when Iain Mellis opened his first shop, the quality and range of cheese that was generally available was pretty poor. Bright orange, rubbery cheddar, un-ripe Stilton and the dust that passed for grated Parmesan were unfortunately pretty much the norm.

Having spent nearly 15 years in the British cheese industry Iain was well aware of the true variety of cheeses produced all across the UK and believed that a traditional cheese shop with old-fashioned customer service values could be a viable business.

The first shop was opened on Victoria Street, in the heart of the Old Town, in premises that were damp, cool and cave like. Conditions which, whilst not great for a normal shop, were perfect for storing cheese.

Word spread quickly and the business flourished. Soon other shops were opened in Glasgow and St. Andrews with another two in Edinburgh – Stockbridge and Morningside. The ethos is still the same – top quality produce and great customer service with tasting actively encouraged.

For choice and quality of produce you will be hard pressed to find better, with each shop packed full of the best artisan cheeses from Britain, Ireland and the Continent.

The Morningside shop has the ‘Cheese Lounge’ café where you can enjoy platters of cheese (naturally), charcuterie and other dishes such as Welsh rarebit, sardines on toast and other light bites.

The staff really know their cheeses and are on hand to offer advice, whether you are looking to create a perfect cheeseboard or just fancy trying something new.

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