Lupe Pintos Deli

Lupe Pintos Edinburgh – Image credit - Lupe Pintos

Do not be fooled by this unassuming storefront, as inside lies a veritable cornucopia of Mexican and American food and drink delights.

Lupe Pintos first opened its doors in 1991, after the owners had spent a year travelling throughout the US and Mexico, collecting recipes and inspiration on the way which were collected into a travelogue/recipe book called ‘Two Cooks and a Suitcase’. It is well worth checking out for some properly tasty dishes. They’ve added a couple more recipe books over the years, all of which are available in the shops (there’s another shop on Glasgow’s Great Western Road) or online.

There are a few nice recipes on their web-site including this great recipe for chili.

Two Cooks and a Suitcase – Image Credit - Lupe Pintos

The shop is small but packed full of authentic products and ingredients. There are more hot sauces, chorizos, chillies and spices than you can shake a pair of maracas at, plus many local and imported craft beers and tequilas. Oh, and Mexican wrestling masks too!

They also organise an annual Edinburgh Chilli cook off, where you get to tour around various local bars sampling their chilli recipes and helping to judge them as you go. For more details check out their website or Facebook.

Lupe Pinto’s Website

Address: 24 Leven Street, EH3 9LJ

Phone: +44 131 228 6241