The Hideout

Back in the day when I was growing up, we didn’t have a record player at home, but we did have what I liked to think was a ‘ghetto blaster,’ but which was, in reality just a standard JVC radio with a double tape deck. I still bought records, but had to turn to friends who had turntables to record them on to tape.


I also built up a fair collection of albums on cassette. However, it was nothing like the collection that the Hideout has, which reminds me of HMV or OurPrice (Google it!) circa 1989. It has a wonderful collection of 70s and 80s classics and depending on how long you spend there you get to hear a side or two of a whole album, which in these days of Spotify and playlists, is quite rare. When I visited, the soundtrack was a nostalgic blast of Prefab Sprout followed by early Phil Collins.

Spending time in this cosy cafe isn’t too hard either as there is a great selection of sweet and savoury things to choose from. They make a damn fine flat white with coffee beans supplied by Clifton Coffee Roasters.

Located in Leith on the corner of Queen Charlotte Street and Constitution Street – they’re open seven days too.

The Hideout’s Website

Address: 40-42 Queen Charlotte Street, EH6 6AT

Phone: +44 131 555 5289